Telecoms, mobile, IT services & connectivity health check

If you haven’t had a professional audit of your telecom, mobile, IT services and connectivity (broadband)  services in the last 18 months, there is a very high chance that you’re paying too much!

You also won’t be taking advantage of the latest technologies like hosted VoIP & SoGEA Broadband which can save up to 40% after the audit.

Best of all, our telecoms health check is totally free!

We’ll help you answer these questions, and many more:

Our 3 Step Health Check Process

Step 1 – Review your current services

  • Bills analysis of all existing services – what you are paying for & contract end dates?
  • Cost analysis of existing services – how they compare to the current marketplace?
  • Quality & speed analysis of existing services – are you receiving what you are paying for?
  • Hardware & equipment – are they working as they should and when will they need to be replaced?
  • Maintenance agreements check – are you utilising your service agreements and are they required anymore?
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Step 2 – Needs analysis

  • Examine your current needs – are they being fulfilled by your current service contracts?
  • Usage analysis of existing services – are you paying for services you no longer require?
  • Plan for expected future needs of the organisation – will your current services enable you to grow/adapt as your needs change?
  • Preparation for the digital switch-off – the government are making major changes to telecoms and connectivity infrastructure, discover how will you be affected by the digital switch off and what can you do to avoid disruption?
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Step 3 – Health check findings report

  • Suitability report of current services – are they appropriate for your current needs and will they fulfil your future requirements?
  • Cost saving report – are the cheaper tariffs, unused services or replacement services that can generate a saving?
  • Recommendations – what services to cancel, change or replace to reduce costs and future proof your organisation?
  • Action plan – how to best implement the recommendations along with timescales?
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