Quality of service – broadband that works!

There is more the broadband then just choosing provider, we specialise in making sure your broadband supports your business and works round your needs, not the other way round.

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Quality of Service: ensuring your business runs smoothly

In today’s digital era, ensuring the quality of your business’s internet connection is crucial. Our broadband solutions provide top-tier Quality of Service (QoS), ensuring seamless operations. But what is QoS, and why is it essential?

What is Quality of Service (QoS)?

Quality of Service (QoS) encompasses technologies that guarantee specific performance levels in data communications. QoS ensures that your critical business applications receive the necessary bandwidth, low latency, and reliability, especially during peak times.

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Real-World Benefits

Imagine your business running multiple applications simultaneously, from video conferences to data backups. Without QoS, these applications compete for bandwidth, causing delays. With our QoS-enabled solutions, essential applications receive the necessary bandwidth, maintaining optimal performance.

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Our QoS Implementation

Our broadband solutions use advanced QoS techniques:

Traffic Shaping

 Regulating network data transfers for consistent and predictable flow

Bandwidth Management

Allocating appropriate bandwidth to applications based on priority.

Packet Prioritisation

Ensuring critical data packets are transmitted first.

Customer Testimonials

“Our QoS-enabled broadband solution has been transformative. We no longer face dropped calls or slow internet during peak hours, significantly boosting our productivity.” – Sarah T., Operations Manager

“QoS implementation was a game-changer for our customer service department. Our internet connection’s stability and reliability have drastically improved, enhancing client service.” – Mark L., IT Director

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Focusing on Quality of Service ensures your business remains productive and efficient. Invest in a broadband solution that prioritizes your business needs.

You're in good company

We are proud to offer a 5 star services to businesses throughout the North East.

Really Efficient Service

We have been with PBS for about a year now and in that time they have been efficient and helpful, on the rare occasions that we have had an issue its been dealt with immediately. Carla in particular has been outstanding and as our account manager we could not ask for more.

Highly recommended!

Fantastic and very very helpful Carla is a star

I have used Keith for over 10 years for all my mobile phones, he introduced me to Michael who was fantastic and now takes care of all our telecoms Carla could not of done more to help our company get up and running and explained everything to us in plain language. Will be using these now for everything very trusting and the IT dept is second to none (lee is our man). Cannot recommend high enough a pleasure to work with and our company look forward to working with them for a long time!

Fantastic service

We have been with Keith for 20 plus years now following him from company to company.
Keith goes above and beyond and more with his service.
We followed him to Project Business Solutions who provide and brilliant customer service.

Angela Garner

J & M Garner Haulage

Five Stars

We have used Carla at PBS for a number of years now for both our land line and mobile phone contracts. Carla is very professional and deals with any questions we have fast and efficiently. Great service "Project Business Solutions", highly recommended

Been with PBS for over 6 years

Been with PBS for over 6 years. Honestly can not fault them. Service is second to none and they’re so easy to deal with. I can’t see me ever moving from them. James and Kim are both great and very efficient. Thanks for your help

Project Business solutions provide our…

Project Business solutions provide our office broadband and also our telephone lines. Our broadband with our previous supplier was very unreliable to say the least, as a business who relies heavily on the internet this was frustrating. Since our switch over we have had no problems whatsoever and a much quicker connection. The customer service received is also second to none and a very personal service not a call centre. Well done PBS. It's 5 stars from us.