Vehicle Tracking

Established & Proven Vehicle Tracking System


“At a glance” dashboard can be customised by selecting the appropriate widgets. Data within the widgets can be drilled down to provide a more detailed picture


An extensive reporting suite allows access to reports as and when required, including the facility to schedule certain reports which can be automatically sent

Alarms & Alerts

A comprehensive alarm suite allows management to configure alarms and be notified by email against key events such as speeding, entry/exit of geofences and more

Journey Playback

Replay a vehicle journey to understand at a glance the snail-trail. Colour coded icons display true speeding events through regularly updated
‘road speed data’

Our Recommended Solutions

Fleet Tracking

Managing your team effectively, staying on top of company costs and minimising insurance costs is easy with the correct vehicle tracking solutions.

Get access to live maps and detailed reports of our complete fleet with easy to understand visuals, you can make decision based on real and accurate data.

Yu can also save considerable time with support features that help create instant time sheets and discover who out of your team drive efficiently and are productive.

Fuel card abuse and unauthorised private mileage is now a thing of the past, enabling you to be more efficient, reduce costs and keep your customers happy.

Lone Worker Protection

You have a legal requirement to provide a duty of care to your lone workers. Ignoring these responsibilities is risking heavy fines and possible prison sentences for directors and owners.

That’s why smart companies are turning to smartphone to protect their lone workers 24/7.

Our solutions provide a cost effective, easy to use, lone worker protection solution. Using a timed welfare session to automatically raise an alarm when lone workers fail to check in which also enables GPS tracking.

Speak to us today about our recommended lone worker solutions.

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