Tech Fund

What Is A Tech Fund & How Can It Be Used:

We do not charge for our cost consultancy services, instead, we receive a commission from providers for placing your business with them, this is common practice in our industry. However, we believe we are different as we pass some of our commission back to you in the form of a tech fund. You can send this as you wish is a range of ways:

Speak With Us

Speak with our cost saving consultants to look at your business across all aspects of telecoms, mobile, utilities, fleet and lone user vehicle use.

Unlock Saving

As a fully independent provider, we build tailored packages that are designed specifically for your business needs while reducing overall spend.

Get Your Tech Fund

Based on your package you will be designated a tech fund which is funded by Project Business Solutions passing some of our commission back to you.

Choose How You Spend It

The tech fund is designed to help you make further business savings or invest in sales and marketing for your business growth.


Our most popular tech fund solution is to turn your savings into increased revenue with our specialist digital marketing support solution. Whether it is designing a new website, increasing website traffic or optimising your current website to increase lead generation. Investing in our sales and marketing solution will also increase your tech fund by 20%.

Reduce Your Bills

A Use your tech fund to reduce your monthly bills. Your tech fund will be taken off prior to invoice, reducing your monthly outgoings, many up to 50%.

Buy Equipment

Allocate your tech fund to any new equipment. Common purchases include mobiles, computers, furniture, printers…basically anything you are looking to purchase for your business.

Pay For Install

To implement some of the cost saving services there is an additional install cost. These are made clear during the proposal stage and your tech fund may cover the cost, giving you free installation.

Get A FreeAudit

Disover how much you could save on your monthly outgoings by registering for a free audit. Click the botton below to get started!