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Our experts will determine the best value business mobile communications packages for your organisation, saving you money and time.

Following a completely independent appraisal of your current and future needs, we will recommend the most suitable mobile communications packages, most appropriate networks and most appropriate airtime providers for your organisation.

By careful analysis of your data and producing a detailed tender document for large numbers of mobile phones, savings of over 30% are possible. The package may also include free hardware, from the supplier.

Thereafter, by carefully checking your mobile phone bills we can ensure that you actually receive the package initially promised by the best supplier. That is often where clients encounter difficulties because mobile phone bills tend to be unnecessarily complex. Business Cost Consultants have the expertise and software to check hundreds of pages of mobile phone bills.

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  • Jennifer Lee
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    Jennifer Lee
  • Lorne Campbell, Principal
    Project Business Solutions were able to provide two state of the art desk phones with all the bells and whistles, two brand new iPhones, linked to our office system, free calls to all but premium numbers for both desk tops and mobiles.ANDThe cost was only £10/month more than we were paying for our old personal mobile contracts in total!
    Lorne Campbell, Principal
    More Than Financial
  • My bill would have been over £2000. With Michael's expertise and having his customer on the forefront of his mind my bill only cost me £282.28.

    I would highly recommend Project Business Solutions, they truly look after their customers.

    Steve Scott, Managing Director
    James Cornwell Interiors LTD
  • I would not have any hesitation in referring business to Michael and his team at Project Business Solutions. I know my business is in safe hands with its mobile communication.

    Simon Boyson, Managing Director
    Gateway Commercial Finance Ltd